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Restoration of the chapels in the church of Santa Maria della Misericordia

tn_ecclesiastici_002For the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Eucharist, parish priest Don Mario Fini, saw fit to restore two important paintings in the chapel in the Church of Santa Maria della Misericordia: one in the High Alter area and the other in the Felicini Chapel on the left hand side of the first. The intervention was carried out with extreme caution and scruple, bringing to light certain portions, which had become illegible. In particular all lighting fixtures were reviewed creating environments with sufficient lighting without loosing the sense of warmth and contemplation necessary for the ecclesiastic religious ceremonies.

The restoration carried out inside the Chapel Felicini has meant that it has been returned to its original splendour, above all after discovering within the vault a starry sky which had been “covered” in the past and now thanks to the softness of colours and a new lighting system has become a true masterpiece. Even the stain glass windows have been patiently restored permitting us to admire them in their entirety, enjoying the play of light and colours. Last but not least the restoration of the painting at the back of the chapel which completed the architectural work “delivering” to the faithful an environment of rare beauty.

The main ALTAR
In the apse of the church Santa Maria della Misericordia restoration and redevelopment works were carried out. Impressive results were obtained by the cleaning and reinforcement of the wooden altarpiece. Here too, the stained glass windows overlooking onto the courtyard where they could be admired in their beauty, were replaced and restored. The lighting system was completely overhauled and revised to adequately enhance the architecture the apses. In accordance with the superintendent of cultural heritage they carried out the renovation of the vaults by cleaning and restoration the decoration. Brought to light was the fresco at the front of the chapel, a work of rare beauty, which helps to enhance the whole architectural complex, which has undergone restoration on occasions during the last decade.

Chapel Felicini

Main altar