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Restoration of a villa from the ‘600s and barn annexe

tn_case_006The installation of this manor house placed the historic centre of Budrio, dates back to seventeenth-century origins and sits on the ancient structure of a convent; restored in the ‘800’s, it still preserves the original signs of certain paintings which were found in the main hall during recent restoration, paintings which probably dated back to the seventeenth-century. Restoring this villa meant bringing to light and cleaning the characteristics which distinguished them as paintings and the frescoed ceilings, the wooden areas of this artisan work, as well as wooden flooring, wrought iron balustrades present on the main staircase, as well as providing it with a cutting edge technological installation and the necessary toilet facilities. Annexed to the villa was a vintage barn, which of late lay in a poor state of repair; this space has been completely renovated, restoring the shelter and the interior, an open space with an adjoining room and guest services. You can enter this area from a room with a large glass wall, within which is housed a ”winter garden” which provides huge impact. The villa is set in a park, which recreated the typical structures of an Italian garden with century-old plants, of particular value and beauty.

The villa

Former hayloft